Merging Computation and Collaboration

One Login
Many Devices

Because it's web-based, you can access it from any device: tablet, laptop, and desktop computers. No need to use a VPN or a VNC system. Log in, and get to work.

Powerful Statistics

The powerful statistical processing engine is built to rapidly analyze data. Matlab compatible syntax means that you may already know how.

Tests: t-test, crosstabs, Chi Square, ANOVA, linear regression, and many more.

Beautiful Visualizations

We understand that explaining your analysis is sometimes more difficult than performing it. That's why we are focusing so much energy on providing excellent visualization tools.

Plotting: scatter plots, line plots, bar plots, and histograms, to name a few.

Share Your Knowledge

Post your analysis in just a few clicks. Connect to your friends and colleagues, and easily show off your work.

With the automatic setup, there's no need to operate a server or pay hosting fees. Permanent links, make it a breeze to share your creations.